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By China Water Risk 19 October, 2018

Check out our brand new at-a-glance infographics on Asia's water challenges, key sectoral water risks & so much more

Does Asia have enough water to develop? Get up to speed on the looming liquidity crunch & find out why the 'Third Pole' matters for Asia's economy
Check out the holistic perspective on Asia’s tight water-energy-climate nexus & hidden risks such as trade disruptions, clustering & more
Plus, there are new interactive slides for the China Background section - happy exploring!

Does Asia have enough water to develop? Get the Big Picture here on the looming liquidity crunch with “at-a-glance” infographics on Asia’s water challenges, water-nomics and water risk valuation. You can also explore the implications for food & energy security and learn about Asia’s tight water-energy-climate nexus. Find out why “the Third Pole” matters and explore what Business Unusual could look like in the future.

Perspective is important … start with these Big Picture infographics…                                                                                                 … from Asia’s water challenges to water-nomics & water risk valuation

  We have also revamped our China infographics for key water risks across six sectors in China. Plus, check out our new interactive slides in China Background…    

China Water Risk
Author: China Water Risk
We believe regardless of whether we care for the environment that water risks affect us all – as investors, businesses and individuals. Water risks are fundamental to future decision making and growth patterns in global economies. Water scarcity has emerged as a critical sustainability issue for China's economy and since water powers the economy, we aim to highlight these risks inherent in each sector. In addition, we write about current trends in the global water industry, analyze changes occurring both regionally and globally, as well as providing explanations on the new technologies that are revolutionizing this industry.
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