In-depth Action Plan for the Protection and Restoration of the Yangtze River

by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Emergency Management, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Water Resources, National Development and Reform Commission, National Forestry and Grassland Administration, National Mine Safety Administration, Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procuratorate 31 August, 2022

By the end of 2025:

-the overall water quality of the Yangtze River Basin will remain excellent; the water quality of the main stream will remain Class II; the level of drinking water safety assurance will continue to improve; the ecological water use of important rivers and lakes will be effectively guaranteed; the water ecological quality will be significantly improved; the treatment rate has reached over 97%, the black and odorous water bodies in the built-up areas of county-level cities have been basically eliminated, the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has increased to over 43%; the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry manure has increased to over 80%, and the recovery rate of agricultural film has reached over 85%; the potential environmental risks of tailings ponds are basically controllable; the aquatic organism integrity index of the main stream of the Yangtze River and its main tributaries continues to improve