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New CWR 5-Report Series !

CWR releases a series of “survival guides” to avoid Atlantis in its Coastal Capital Threat Series, which benchmarks risks for 20 coastal capitals and economic hubs in APAC from Tokyo to Sydney.

According to CWR, urban real estate equivalent to 59 Singapores will be underwater without serious adaptation measures if we continue with business-as-usual. And that’s just for 20 coastal cities.

Which cities are more prepared? We have developed a ground-breaking CWR APACCT 20 Index to benchmark risks to answer this.

Over 100+ finance experts from chairs/directors of bank boards to asset owners, research analysts and regulators helped us build & shape this index.

GDP, trade, bank loan books, markets and pension funds are extremely clustered and exposed to coastal threat. Whether 28mn or 100mn+ residents lose their homes in just 20 cities is decided today.

This is an urgent wake up call to action. Experts warn that sea levels can be 3m by 2100. So get on top of these existential threats now with the Press Release as well as shocking facts in our Infographics & Quick Stats Pack.

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