Treasure8 – Deploying Nutrition For Humanity

By Derk Hendriksen, Timothy Childs 22 December, 2020

Hear from Co-CEOs Hendrikson & Childs on how they turn waste into nutritious food resources

Aim is to deploy complete nutrition for humanity (meaning food that is dense in nutrients, healthy, sustainable, widely available & affordable) by eliminating inefficiencies the food system
Look at all types of food waste as a valuable resource for nutrition; by developing upcycling technologies we can turn this waste not only into food products but also biofuel & biochar
Poor diets kill more people than tobacco & high blood pressure thus we approach food-as-medicine; if more people to do this & upcycle, the Resource Revolution will spread

Many great company journeys begin with a purpose. Whether that is to sell a billion widgets or disrupt an entire industry, there is some ‘why’ at the onset and birth of every company. For us, we set out with an initial purpose years ago that still remains unchanged today: to Deploy Nutrition for Humanity. And not just any nutrition, but complete nutrition security – meaning food that is dense in nutrients, healthy, sustainable, promotes prevention, widely available, and more affordable, too.

Our aim is to eliminate inefficiencies in the food system & deploy complete nutrition…

…to do this, we have developed upcycling technologies

We set out to help eliminate key inefficiencies in the current food system by looking at food waste as a valuable resource for nutrition, instead of simply accepting its negative impact on the environment and the loss of nutritional potential as a given. How do we do this, you ask? Well, the answer is simple…and yet not at the same time.

It’s our belief that every single piece of food material is a resource, whether it is used in production, surplus in a field that would otherwise be thrown out (gluts), pressings leftover from processing (industrial waste), ugly or deformed fruits and vegetables (imperfects), or even the leftover hemp from CBD processing, which still has valuable nutrition left in it. We have developed technologies and platforms to upcycle and create not only food products and ingredients from these sources, but also biofuel and biochar to replenish the soil. We call this mission our Resource Revolution™, and we aim to spread this ideology and circular economy thinking as quickly, far, and wide as possible to bring others along.

Sounds impossible, right? Too good to be true? It’s not. In fact, it’s very real, and it’s happening, right now. For example, we’ve exclusively licensed and further developed a USDA-patented technology called SAUNA, which includes the world’s most powerful dehydration technologies. It allows us to do most of the above, in a timely, efficient, and sustainable manner. And this allows us to exceptionally capture nutrition to feed a population that is more and more looking for healthy, and safe food, and communities that need access to trustworthy foods that benefit our health.

SAUNA, the world’s most powerful dehydrating tech, allows us deliver on our aim in a efficient & sustainable manner

But what does “capture the value of nutrition” actually mean? When we talk about this, we’re focused on the principle of food-as-medicine. This is no longer a hippie-dippy, crunchy granola philosophy, but one that is rooted in science and backed by leading doctors and scientists. One of the leaders of this movement, physician, scientist and author Dr. William Li (@drwilliamli), is a champion and involved with our work. He has written that the human body is capable of naturally resisting chronic diseases (including cancer!) through five health defense systems that can be activated by eating certain foods. And this is why it is so important for us to utilize our technology to capture this whole food nutrition, as it is part of our overall purpose to Deploy Nutrition for Humanity.

Poor diets kill more people than tobacco & high blood pressure…

…we’re focused on food-as-medicine

Securing access to better nutrition will also help stem the deadly rise of obesity and related diseases that we’ve seen globally in recent decades. In fact, while the US was once the center of obesity in the world, other countries have begun to catch up as the Western diet is exported elsewhere. China and India now hold the top numbers when it comes to obese children. And globally, the numbers have tripled since 1975, with the rise of fast food and industrialized processing. In fact, poor diets now kill more people globally than tobacco and high blood pressure. But the good news is that changes in food system and diets can help to solve all of the above. Or at the very least, significantly reduce the occurrences.

At the present moment, many of us, have come to rely on fixing problems with pills instead of preventing problems in the first place. Frankly, this is not a good solution for the long-term. Antibiotics have begun to fail us; viruses are outsmarting us; and healthcare costs are breaking us. Our bodies are ready for remedies that stem from nature. While many of today’s companies have been generating enormous profits from, and are contributing to, obesity, chronic diseases, and health eroding practices, billions of people and the planet itself have become victims of such industries and their rise to wealth.

But it’s not too late.

At Treasure8, we’re developing nutrition solutions that strengthen immune systems to help prevent, fight, recover and rebuild from these types of health challenges. And with partnerships like that with Dr. William Li and others, we can deploy them to the most vulnerable people in our communities.

If more people commit to this, we can spread the Resource Revolution

If more doctors commit to philosophies like that of Dr. Li, and more food companies begin to adopt a circular economy approach, we can begin to spread the Resource Revolution to those who need it most. It will require more global partnerships, greater investment, more collaboration and working together, and even more folks around the world to adopt a broader vision…but the good news? It is, in fact, possible. As Dolly Parton says, “Everybody has a purpose.” And she is right. Ours is and always has been to Deploy Nutrition for Humanity, and we hope that others will join us on our journey as we do just that.

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Derk Hendriksen
Author: Derk Hendriksen
Derk Hendriksen is the Co-CEO of Treasure8, a food technology company leading a Resource Revolution® to bring disease-fighting, sustainable nutrition to a rapidly growing planet. Treasure8 has gained exclusive rights to the USDA's powerful SAUNA™ dehydration technology, allowing it to upcycle and produce long-lasting, shelf-stable products, ingredients, and more. Derk is a long-time veteran of the food and beverage space, with a career that spans over twenty-five years. Prior to joining the executive team at Treasure8, Derk ran a consultancy dedicated toward forwarding purpose-driven businesses, Hendriksen Ventures, and previously spent over two decades with The Coca-Cola Company, where he served in many commercial and leadership roles all around the world. Most recently, Derk served as the VP of Business Integration in the Office of Sustainability, which was what led him to become an intrapreneur, leading the founding team of Coca Cola's Social Enterprise Unit, EKOCOMPANY. This marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial life, including the start of EKOCENTER, a program geared towards helping underserved communities in terms of improving health, reducing environmental impact, and increasing prosperity. A Dutch native, Derk is now based in the United States, splitting his time between a home in Atlanta and Treasure8’s headquarters in San Francisco. Driven by the promise of achieving rapid industry transformation, Derk is extremely (and impatiently) inspired by purpose-backed businesses, especially the one he helps to lead at Treasure8.
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Timothy Childs
Author: Timothy Childs
Timothy Childs is the Founder & Co-CEO of Treasure8, a food tech company leading a Resource Revolution® to bring disease-fighting, sustainable nutrition to a rapidly growing planet. Treasure8 has gained exclusive rights to the USDA's powerful SAUNA™ dehydration and freeze drying technologies, allowing it to upcycle and produce long-lasting, shelf-stable products, ingredients, and more. He is a serial entrepreneur and comes from a background of taking systemic approaches to global problems, particularly in the food industry, with fundamentally innovative and ambitious solutions. Previously, as Founder of TCHO Chocolate, Timothy shook the cacao industry through a vertically integrated and technology-driven approach to chocolate making called TCHOSource which is still used today around the world. He has also been lauded for his work with the USDA, assisting them to commercialize IR technology, and helped with the design and launch of the Rockefeller Food System Vision Prize 2050. Prior to working in the food space, Timothy founded a company that developed machine vision solutions for NASA's Space Shuttle program, worked in computer graphics, and co-founded early VR companies including the nonprofit community building organization VeRGe (Virtual Reality Education Foundation) in 1991. His approach to innovation has been honed over 25 years using a Silicon Valley lean startup mentality along with multi-award-winning innovation skills.
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