New CWR report! Waterproofing APAC to Avoid Atlantis

by China Water Risk 22 November, 2020

23rd November, 2020 – CWR releases new report, “Waterproofing APAC to Avoid Atlantis: Executive Summary & Next Steps”, a three-step survival guide to avoiding Atlantis.

We don’t have that long to prepare. Given the grim news from our polar regions on ice melt and warming oceans, our seas are rising faster than we think.

We could see multi-metre SLR of 3m by 2100. This will redraw APAC coastlines and paralyse trade-reliant APAC economies and wipe out millions of homes and jobs.

Our risk landscape is changing – it’s time to get on top of these existential threats today as some governments are acting to protect their cities from coastal threats, but others are not.

“If we are not prepared, APAC’s coastal capitals will become the new Atlantis. Impacts are severe as they are clustered – around 3m of SLR will paralyse trade-reliant APAC economies and wipe out millions of homes and jobs”, warned Debra Tan, the Head of CWR.

So check out our essential survival guide to waterproofing APAC and avoiding Atlantis.

Like any good survival guide, it helps:

  • Better prepare you for and respond to imminent and inevitable chronic dangers ahead & includes key maps & infographics;
  • Covers all you need to know to survive our changing risk landscape – from the latest climate science on coastal threats and our analyses of physical impacts at various temperature scenarios plus government and central bank adaptation actions/inactions;
  • Walks you through threat exposure assessment using the CWR APACCT 20 Index to assess relative and absolute risks across APAC plus tease out hotspots of clustered risk;
  • Step-by-step guide on how to build various base and worst-case coastal threat scenarios as well as changing regulatory landscapes driven by central banks globally; plus other available tools; and
  • List of recommended must-do’s as well as next steps for: governments; central banks/financial regulators; banks; and asset owners/managers.

Our seas are rising, so must we. Don’t sink, stay afloat with our survival guide – access the full report.

Note that this report is the executive summary and recommendations of all the key findings from our work spread across four reports in the CWR Coastal Capital Threat Series. We therefore recommend you read it alongside the other four reports in the series, but if you don’t have time just read this one.

To access Media Pack – please click here.

The CWR Coastal Capital Threat Series unpacks complex interlinked water risks for the APAC region. This five-report series seeks to explore and assess absolute and relative chronic tail risks from coastal threats for 20 APAC capitals and key cities so that they can be factored into sovereign and corporate credit risk ratings as well as equity/project valuations.

We hope that this series of reports can help APAC governments, central banks and financial regulators better plan and prepare the region for capital threats and systemic shocks ahead. Together we can waterproof APAC and avoid Atlantis. The alternative is unthinkable.

To access the individual reports in the series, please click on the report cover below: