Waternomics Chapter Published In Springer Nature Book

by China Water Risk 26 October, 2021

27th October, 2021 – Springer Nature publishes book on “Water Security under Climate Change” which highlights the likely impacts of climate change in terms of global and national water securities, how different countries are attempting to address these complex problems and to what extent they are likely to succeed.

Mankind now faces two existential problems over the next several decades. These are climate change and whether the world will have access to enough water to meet all its food, energy, environment and health needs. Much of expected climate change impacts can be seen through the lens of extreme hydrological events, like droughts, floods and other extreme hydrometeorological events.

CWR was invited to write a chapter in this book – “Using Waternomics to Develop and Avoid Systemic Shocks to the Economy”. The chapter explores how to balance trade-offs between economic development, water resource availability and pollution in countries with limited water resources. In developing Asia, there is a powerful case for countries to curate a waternomic roadmap, especially since the locational nature of water and climate risks points to a significant clustering of economic risk exposure in vulnerable regions—specifically, major river basins and coastal economic hubs.

The book will be officially launched in Glasgow at the High-level Forum on Water Security Under Climate Change.

The e-book is available on Spring Nature’s site: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-16-5493-0#toc