Water Development Plan 2011-2015: Main targets

by China Water Risk 22 June, 2012


Water Development Plan 2011-2015 Summary

  • To improve major river channel segments and dams so that flood control can be improved to at most one flood every five years for low-lying areas
  • To fully ensure water safety for the 300 million rural Chinese residents
  • To increase centralized water supply beneficiary ratio to 80%
  • Water supply capacity to increase by 40 billion m3 including approximately 20 billion m3 in the urban areas
  • Urban water supply should be secure and be no lower than 95%.
  • To control the national water use to within 635 billion m3 by 2015 and to reduce industrial water use by 30% using 2010 figures as a benchmark
  • To increase efficient irrigation areas by 400 million acres by 2015, and improve irrigation water efficiency index to above 0.53 within this period
  • Improve Grade I-III water quality for major rivers and lakes by 60%; urban wastewater treatment rate to 85%, and wastewater renewal rate to above 20% for water-needy cities
  • To increase treated runoff areas by 2.5 million km2
  • To reduce groundwater over-extraction
  • To develop the basic system of water projects and water rights
  • Vision 2020: National water use to be controlled within 670 billion m3 with irrigation water efficiency index to above 0.55

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