RMB22 billion Set Aside for Clean up of Lakes & Rivers

by China Water Risk 23 September, 2013

23 – 24 September 2013. It looks like the provinces have started to get serious about water clean up programmes. Over the course of the last week a number of provinces have announced a series of initiatives with a combined budget of RMB 22.4 billion to clean up their rivers and lakes.

  • 23 September: Nanjing in Guangxi province will be investing nearly RMB 14 billion to clean up its city rivers to grade II. Want to know more on this please see here (Chinese only)
  • 23 September: In the Shunyi  district of Beijing they will be investing RMB 880 million to clean up the city’s rivers and install a real time monitoring system. For more information on this see here (Chinese only)
  • 24 September: Guandu in Kunming province is to invest RMB 6 billion to clean up Dian Lake. For more information on this see here (Chinese only)
  • 24 September: In Chongqing they are investing over the next five years RMB1.52 billion to clean up 56 lakes. If you would like more information on this see here (Chinese only)

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