Rising seas force us to Re-IMAGINE HK

by China Water Risk 24 September, 2021

23rd September, 2021 – CWR releases two new factsheets highlighting impacts on Hong Kong from coastal threats based on the latest IPCC AR6 worst-case warnings to kickstart a conversation towards a regenerative roadmap for a climate ready and resilient city – to “Re-IMAGINE HK”.

The factsheets showcase 3D maps of Hong Kong’s Central Financial District and the Kowloon Peninsula inundated by rising seas in 2100 and 2150. Impacts are dire as 70% of commercial activity and 27% of the population are clustered in low-lying reclaimed land. There is no denying that HK faces existential threats from rising seas.

It’s time to act – the first step to survival is to know the risks, so download the factsheets. Then check out the first three steps to take. If you’re not convinced that we’re heading down this “worst-case path”, HK is already experiencing worst-case scenario impacts today – see 8 reasons to act now. Besides, Singapore’s already committed 20% of its GDP to coastal protection, said the CEO of Singapore’s National Water Agency.

Re-IMAGINE HK                                     2100 Coastal Threat Snapshot    Re-IMAGINE HK                                     2150 Coastal Threat Snapshot


If you’re now convinced and ready to assess your risks, but don’t know how, CWR is here to help you to adapt and thrive. Email us so we can help you get started. We will also be running some Re-IMAGINE HK labs to brainstorm how to safeguard HK – email us if you would like to participate.