Report Highlights Impact of Hydropower on China’s Rivers

by China Water Risk 24 December, 2013

24 December 2013, in Beijing, 19 Chinese NGOs launched “China’s River Final Report”. The report brings attention the damage caused by hydropower stations to rivers in China. It highlighted that out of the 45,000 big dams in the world, China has over 22,000, and that they are forcing 60% of the international river basins to fragment. It is believed that these big dams have changed natural ecosystems, endangering biodiversity. Current examples of this include the severe droughts in Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake.

Li Bo, one of the key writers said on behalf of the NGOs that they strongly suggest the Ministry of Water to disclose more information about development plans for hydropower projects in seven river basins and to improve public participation in the planning process. Referring to the “Three Red Lines” (the national water use quotas for 2015, 2020 & 2030) outlined in the governments “Most Stringent Water Management System” the NGOs urge the government to apply the “Three Red Lines” to river ecosystems as well.

See the full report here (Chinese only)