NGOs Issue Phase VII Environmental Pollution From IT Industry Report

by China Water Risk 1 August, 2013

1 August 2013, five NGOs (Green Jiangnan Public Environmental Concerned Center, Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, Friend of Nature, Huanyou Science and Technology Research Center, and Nature University) jointly launched the 7th research report on environmental pollution from IT industry in the Tai Lake basin.

Dingxin Electronic, Kecheng Technology and Foxconn are blamed for waste water discharge to the Tai Lake basin causing serious heavy metal risks. HTC is suspected to be the downstream client of the polluting plants, yet no positive response thus far from the mobile phone manufacturer to solve the environmental problems.

Ma Jun, Director of Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs points out that pollution control of Tai Lake concerns the safety of drinking water for millions of people. Environmental authorities should intensify pollution supervision for IT and electronic industries within the basin. The world’s leading IT brands should also cooperate with local stakeholders to promote supply chain pollution reduction.

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