New CWR River Power Factsheets for 10 Major Rivers in Asia!

by China Water Risk 24 May, 2023

24 May, 2023 – CWR releases a new set of 10 River Power Factsheets as part of its new report: “No River, No Power – Can Asia’s rivers power growth in a changing climate?”, which analyses a third of global power generation capacity to find that escalating climate risks and rivers running dry can strand sizeable portions of national power generation assets.

The factsheets cover the 10 HKH Rivers and provide an at-a-glance overview of:

  • Population, GDP and power assets clustered in the basins;
  • Basin share of surface water resources;
  • Past & future trends of changes in temperature, snow/rainfall & river flow; and
  • Key country reliance on the rivers – people, $$ and total coal & hydro GW.

Access all 10 River Power Factsheets here or access them individually below. To access the full report, press release & media pack click here.

Amu Darya Power Factsheet


Brahmaputra Power Factsheet


Ganges Power Factsheet

Indus Power Factsheet

Irrawaddy Power Factsheet

Mekong Power Factsheet

Salween Power Factsheet

Tarim Power Factsheet

Yangtze Power Factsheet

Yellow Power Factsheet

Also check out an earlier set of 10 HKH River Fact Sheets published alongside our 2018 report “No Water, No Growth – Does Asia have enough water to develop?”