New CWR Report! Toward Water Risk Valuation

by China Water Risk 1 September, 2016

1 September 2016 – China Water Risk releases a new report titled Toward Water Risk Valuation – Investor Feedback on Various Methodologies Applied to 10 Energy ListCo’s“.

The report details investors’ feedback on various water risk valuation approaches.

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3 main approaches have been used:

  • Shadow pricing’s impact on P&L
  • Balance sheet exposure to water stress
  • Regulatory risks & compliance costs

10 listed energy majors operating in China have been analysed: five in coal mining and five in power generation.

70+ investment professionals/asset owners across various asset types (“Investors”) from more than 50 financial institutions/funds provided feedback on the results.

Find out in the report what Investors are worried about and what they think of these respective water risk valuation approaches. The report also discusses shortcomings in companies’ disclosure and sets out recommendations for better inclusion of water risks in decision making processes.

This report is available in English and Chinese.

Click here for the Press Release.

“We have moved from little to no awareness in the investment and financial community to now wanting to quantify the impact on valuations.
We hope that this report can help stakeholders, be they providers of capital, companies, IGOs/NGOs or stock exchanges, chart a path towards better accounting for water risk.”

2016年9月1日 —— 中国水风险发布了最新报告《走向水风险评估——受访投资者对于应用在十大能源公司上的各种评估方法的反馈》


3 种评估方法:

10 大在中国运营的能源上市公司被纳入分析:五大煤炭公司和五大发电公司

70 多位来自50多家金融机构/基金的专业投资者/不同种类资产的持有者对评估结果进行了反馈