New CWR Report! Insights From China’s Textile Manufacturers

by China Water Risk 29 August, 2017

30 August 2017 – China Water Risk releases a new report titled Insights From China’s Textile Manufacturers: Gaps to overcome for clean & circular fashion“. The report sponsored by the C&A Foundation analyses the insights of 85 Chinese textile manufacturers on their challenges to going clean and circular, as well as what assistance they want from stakeholders.

Both China Water Risk and the C&A Foundation hope that this report will support the fashion industry to fast track the transition to a circular apparel economy by raising awareness of manufacturers’ needs and enabling actors to further identify practical solutions.

Find out what manufacturers’ three overarching wishes are, as well as their requests to individual stakeholders. Plus, see their comments on issues from wastewater training to chemicals sourcing and wanting more enforcement.

This report is available in English and Chinese.

Click here for the Press Release.

For more on the water risks faced by the global fashion industry against a backdrop of a Beautiful China, see our brief Today’s Fight for the Future of Fashion – Is there room for fast fashion in a Beautiful China?”

“While manufacturers are clearly moving towards the clean and circular model, the survey results show they still face significant regulatory, operational & reputational challenges, as well as knowledge gaps, which need input from brands and industry associations.”

“These insights raise the fundamental question of whether the current business model of low prices and thin margins is sustainable given the regulatory changes. Will the fashion industry move the supply chain to another country with lax environmental regulations or work with Chinese manufactures to build a new clean and circular business model? The answer remains to be seen.”