New CWR Brief! Today’s Fight for the Future of Fashion

by China Water Risk 18 August, 2016

16 August 2016 – China Water Risk publishes a new brief Today’s Fight for the Future of Fashion – Is there room for fast fashion in a Beautiful China?”The brief summarises water risks faced by the global fashion industry against a backdrop of a Beautiful China “where the sky is blue, the land is green and the water runs clear”. Also explored are opportunities and the “future of fashion”.

CWR - Today's Fight for the Future of Fashion.jpg

Key risks and opportunities covered in the brief are:

  • Dirty thirsty fashion: a clear target in ‘Beautiful China’;
  • Short-term risks: Water Ten Plan;
  • Stricter enforcement: new environmental law & policies;
  • Long-term risks: high raw material exposure, soil clean-up & ‘Made In China 2025’;
  • High reputational risk: continued NGO pressure & the new Chinese consumer;
  • Brand rankings on sustainability: leaders & laggards; and
  • The future of fashion: closing the loop & who can help.

There are clear short and long term business & financial impacts for the global fashion industry  in a Beautiful China, but opportunities are also abound. Get updated and on top of these and find out what this means for OEMS and brands now!

Click here to access the brief.