‘Made in China 2025’

by China Water Risk 8 May, 2015

8 May, 2015 – State Council issued the Made in China 2025 Action Plan, a ten-year plan aiming to increase China’s manufacturing competitiveness. The plan strongly emphasizes the role of innovation, technology, green development and quality-over-quantity. In order to support this transition, China relies on manufacturing innovation centers, SMEs and strengthened IP use and protection.

Among other targets, China aims to be self-sufficient for 40% of core components and materials in 2020, and 70% in 2025, in sectors such as aerospace, communication, power production and distribution, machinery, transportation and electric appliances.

The plan prioritizes 10 sectors in its transition towards a global manufacturing power. See below the list of the sectors as well as the main tasks to be achieved.

10 sectors identified as priority:

  1. New information technology
  2. Robotics
  3. Aerospace and aeronautics
  4. Ocean engineering equipment and high-tech ships
  5. Railway equipment
  6. Energy saving and new energy vehicles
  7. Power equipment
  8. New materials
  9. Biological medicine and medical devices
  10. Agricultural machinery

9 main tasks to be achieved:

  1. Improve manufacturing innovation capacity
  2. Integrate information technology and industry
  3. Strengthen the industrial base
  4. Foster Chinese brands
  5. Enforce green manufacturing
  6. Promote breakthroughs
  7. Carry forward restructuring of manufacturing sector
  8. Promote service-oriented manufacturing and producer services
  9. Develop manufacturing industry internationally

Read the full document here (Chinese only).