CWR & IWRA Experts on “Wicked Problems” in Water International

by China Water Risk 17 April, 2018

17 April 2018 – CWR writes one of six “wicked problems” in water for the journal, Water International – “Wicked problems facing integrated water quality management: What IWRA experts tell us.

Authored by James E. Nickum, Henning Bjornlund & Raya Marina Stephan, the paper includes reflections of six experts on the question, ‘What is a wicked problem facing integrated water quality management over the next two decades? They are:

  1. The complexity of water quality is an old problem for water managers, and will remain so – Blanca Jimenez Cisneros, Secretary, International Hydrological Programme, Water Science Division, UNESCO
  2. Unlocking the potential for using different water qualities as a complementary resource – Tom Soo, Past Executive Director, IWRA
  3. The wicked problem of soil and water quality – Rabi H. Mohtar
  4. The wicked problem of pharmaceuticals in our waters – Gabriel Eckstein
  5. Monitoring and law enforcement: a wicked problem facing integrated water quality management – Jia Shaofeng
  6. How to balance economic development and water protection: a wicked problem – Feng Hu, Development & Projects, China Water Risk

Access the journal article here