CWR Collaborates With Bluetech In New Report: Power & The Water Technology Market

by China Water Risk 15 April, 2017

Report Cover

April 2017 – China Water Risk was commissioned by Bluetech Research to write a new report titled “Power In China: Opportunities & Drivers In The Water Technology Market”

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is targeted as one of China’s main air pollutants, with coal-fired power stations being a significant source. Since then, tightening regulations have resulted in most of China’s thermal power generation capacity being equipped with Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) and denitrification (DeNOx) equipment to combat air pollution. Ironically, FGD systems create large volumes of complex and difficult to treat wastewater. What opportunities does this give rise to?

An essential guide for companies looking to provide solutions to water issues in power plants across China, this report scopes the size and nature of the opportunities in the context of current and upcoming regulations. It also examines the competitive landscape and provides a review of the technologies for FGD wastewater treatment, boiler water softening and cooling towers.

The report covers the following key topics:

  • Power generation landscape
  • Air pollution: FGD/DeNox technologies and regulations
  • Water quality trends
  • Wastewater treatment in power plants: the opportunity
  • Water use in thermal power plants
  • Water Cooling technologies
  • Zero liquid discharge
  • Regulatory pressure towards cleaner coal power generation

This market analysis report is available in English here. For a deep dive into zero liquid discharge and wastewater treatment in Chinese power plants see a review here.