New CWR report! CWR APACCT 20 Index City Factsheets

by China Water Risk 22 November, 2020

23rd November, 2020 – CWR releases new report, “CWR APACCT 20 Index City Factsheets – At-a-glance coastal threat assessment for 20 APAC cities”, a collection of factsheets for each of the cities in the CWR APACCT 20 Index illustrating at-a-glance exposure for various climate scenarios.

This report includes:

  • City factsheets for 20 key APAC cities: Aichi/ Nagoya, Auckland, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Macao, Manila, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Suzhou, Sydney, Taipei, Tianjin, Tokyo and Yangon;
  • Overview of the city’s climate threats & government actions;
  • Rankings in CWR APACCT 20 Index at 1.5°C & 4°C for each city with & without government action;
  • At-a-glance GDP & trade values at risk; and
  • Maps of locked-in SLR at 1.5°C & 4°C showing impacts on people, land & key infrastructure for each of the 20 cities.

Use factsheets to help gauge absolute risks now! Access the 20 APAC city factsheet entire collection

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Do note that these factsheets are in fact Appendix 1 of our reportAvoiding Atlantis: The CWR APACCT 20 Indexwhich expands on the development of the index that benchmarks coastal threats for 20 APAC cities. They should thus be read alongside that report. Both these reports form part of the newly released CWR Coastal Capital Threat Series; this five-report series unpacks complex interlinked water risks for the APAC region. See the other reports here.

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Aichi/Nagoya Ho Chi Minh City Manila Shenzhen Taipei
Auckland Hong Kong Osaka Singapore Tianjin
Bangkok Jakarta Seoul Suzhou Tokyo
Guangzhou Macao Shanghai Sydney Yangon