Water for Coal -Thirsty Miners will Share the Pain

by China Water Risk 4 April, 2013

2 April 2013 – CLSA issues report titled “Water for coal: Thirsty miners will share the pain” examining the risks for coal as China’s waterscape changes. China Water Risk guest authored this report for CLSA U®

The report warns:

  • Exposure to water risk has risen significantly for coal over the last decade with the majority of China’s coal bases now located in medium to extremely high risk zones;
  • Coal extraction and production is water intensive, yet over 50% of the country’s coal reserves are located in water scarce regions:

  • Around 95% of China’s coal is mined underground with heavy reliance on groundwater use;
  • Given new government water quotas and focus on protecting groundwater, the report looks at whether the groundwater-reliant North can sustain a ramp up in coal product to 4bn tonnes by 2015;
  • Analysis also show many listed mining companies covered have single to multi-province exposure to water scarce and water stress regions;
  • Pollution could be the new canary in the coal mine: IPE pollution database search surfaced multiple violations for some listed miners across multiple years from 2003-2012;
  • Whole coal-chain could be at risk. More than half of China’s industrial water usage is used in coal related industries – from coal mining to preparation, coal-fired power generation, coke production and the coal-to-chemical industry.

The report recommends that “coal and coal-related industries as well as providers of capital to such sectors, whether in equity or credit, factor in water risk in China”

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CLSA Contact:

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