China Water Risk is a 2015 GLASA Finalist

by China Water Risk 26 June, 2015

26 June, 2015 – China Water Risk has been nominated and selected as a finalist for the 2015 Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel (GLASA) and will attend the day symposium & award ceremony in Stockholm on 27 August, 2015. More on the symposium and award ceremony here.

GLASA 2015 Theme – Water

The GLASA Award celebrates bold and courageous leadership in the apparel sector as well as promising ideas or practices that can significantly increase the sustainability performance of the apparel industry.

Each year, in consultation with GLASA’s global network, an important topic or theme is identified which frames the GLASA process for the coming year. The theme chosen for 2015 is Water. The latest research indicates that in certain regions access to water and water quality will be a major problem for both people and the apparel industry during the next twenty years if nothing is done to ensure sustainable water management.

2015 GLASA Award Finalists

China Water Risk
CWR_colorThere was a lack of information regarding water risks given the magnitude of water issues in China. CWR was set up to address this. By helping corporates and investors understanding water risks (be they physical, regulatory, economic or reputational), we hoped that they will act to mitigate these risks, thereby fostering clean and efficient use of China’s limited water resources. (see more)DyeCoo
dyecoo logoThe world’s first supplier of water & chemical free dyeing technology, DyeCoo’s revolutionary CO₂-based dyeing process makes dyeing sustainable, efficient and profitable. The technology uses reclaimed CO₂ as dyeing medium in a closed loop beam dyeing system – recycling 95% of the used CO₂ after each batch. It also uses less energy, less dye, less time, no processing chemicals and zero water. (see more)

Sustainable Water Resources
swar logoSustainable Water Resources (SWAR) is a capacity building and technical programme for 42 suppliers & sub-suppliers to Swedish brands in India. The 2 year pilot saved 368 million litres of water through building efficient water, energy & chemical use combined with projects at the factory level to increase resource efficiency through: water reuse, pollution prevention & effluent treatment. (see more)

Pratibha Syntex
Pratibha logoPratibha Syntex is a vertically integrated manufacturer of knitted textile products. Pratibha developed Allure range of fabrics, an award-winning product innovation, which uses spun dyed fibres leading to 85% savings in water and 35% less energy. Pratibha also implemented a series of water-efficient practices that reduces its blue water footprint by 53% in 2014-15. Recognizing its efforts, Pratibha is a bluesign® System Partner, making it the first textile manufacturer in India to receive this certification. (see more)

Levis Strauss & Co.
levi_strauss_and_co._logo_2603LS&Co conducted the apparel industry’s first lifecycle assessment study in 2007 to assess the entire lifecycle impact of a core set of products. Since then, it saved more than one billion liters of water to date through the Levi’s® Water<Less™ process and implementation of the apparel industry’s first water recycle/reuse standard in its supply chain. (see more)


For more on the symposium and award ceremony see here.

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In preparation for the 2015 GLASA Award and Global Symposium, GLASA commissioned The Sustainable Business Group to provide and conduct and analysis regarding how water demand and scarcity will affect the apparel sector. You can access this here.

For more on China Water Risk’s work & research in the textile sector see here.