China issued Water Pollution Prevention Plan on Key Basins (2011-2015)

by China Water Risk 17 May, 2012

May 17- Department of Environmental Protection, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Water Resources jointly issued Water Pollution Prevention Plan on key basins (2011-2015) that aims at improving overall water quality in key river basins from moderately polluted to slightly polluted, increasing the Grade I – III section by 5% while reducing those that fall into the worse than Grade Ⅴ by 8%.

Moreover, the plan emphasizes 6 major tasks:

  1. to strengthen the protection of drinking water,
  2. to improve industrial pollution controls,
  3. to enhance the urban sewage treatment systems,
  4. to actively promote comprehensive environmental and ecological construction,
  5. to enforce the coastal waters pollution prevention and control, and
  6. to enhance the watershed level of risk prevention.

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