New CWR report! Changing Risk Landscapes – Coastal Threats to Central Banks

by China Water Risk 22 November, 2020

23rd November, 2020 – CWR releases new report, Changing Risk Landscapes: Coastal Threats To Central Banks – Everything you need to know about  sea level rise, storm surge & financial regulations to recalibrate risks”.

Central Banks around the world have formed a 68+ member strong coalition to prepare for systemic risks triggered by climate threats. Chronic and acute risks from coastal threats are among these risks. But the assessment of chronic risks currently lags those of acute risk plus carbon transition risks.

Given the grim polar news pointing to more imminent multi-metre SLR & the concentration of financial risks in coastal APAC cities, it is time to start accounting for this currently missing chunk of risks so that risks can be re-priced and re-spread to avoid shocks.

This report includes the latest science-based research on SLR & storm surge and their tail risk implications for finance. The evolving financial landscape plus how-to-build scenarios to assess hotspots are also explained.

Our physical and regulatory risk landscapes are changing so don’t just focus on carbon transition risks – stay ahead of the curve and get on top of changing risk landscapes.

This report includes:

  • Coastal threats & systemic shocks in finance
  • Warming: where we are & what the latest science say;
  • 8 things you must know about SLR, tipping points & runaway melt, storm surge & sinking cities plus other need-to-know facts from the latest science-based research to survive existential threats from rising seas;
  • Overview of regulatory action that will lead to structural changes in finance;
  • IPCC sea level rise scenarios demystified;
  • Step-by-step guide on how to build scenarios for SLR tail risks & event-driven storm tides including how to pick RCP scenarios & maps, perform integrity checks plus more tips;
  • Tail risk implications for finance – sovereigns, banks, pensions, equity valuations, credit ratings & insurance; and
  • Overview of the evolving financial landscape + the latest key reports & thinking from global central banks in preparing for systemic shocks triggered by climate risks.

This report is jam packed with facts and climate research findings & key financial regulatory publications up to September 2020. So get intel on our changing risk landscapes now – access the full report.

The report is part of the newly released CWR Coastal Capital Threat Series and should be read alongside the other four reports in the series. To see the other reports in the series please click here.

To access Media Pack – please click here.