“Cancer Villages” Officially Recognized By MEP

by China Water Risk 7 February, 2013

7 February 2013- The Ministry of Environmental Protection releases the 12FYP on Prevention and Control of Environmental Risks of Chemicals. The document officially recognizes existence of “Cancer Villages” in China caused by environmental incidents such as leakage of un/mistreated toxic chemicals for the first time.

The plan aims to control the use and discharge of 58 harmful chemicals according to categories and their levels of potential harm to the environment:

  • 25 that would cause environmental harms when accumulated
  • 15 that are known to have caused environmental incidents and harmful effects
  • 30 specific pollutants identified by industrial discharge standards, their harmfulness to the environment, etc.

Also, the plan monitors key polluting industries such as:

  • Oil processing, coking and nuclear fuel industries
  • Chemicals and chemical products industries
  • Pharm chemicals
  • Chemical fabrics production
  • Metals and rolling processing industries
  • Textiles
  • New Coal Chemical Industries

In 12FYP, China aims to strengthen its construction of basic capabilities, improves the ability to response to incidents and to raise public’s awareness on environmental issues through:

  • Strengthening leadership and clarifying responsibilities
  • Improving relative systems and enforcement
  • Promoting technologies and innovative policies
  • Increasing capital investment and exchange of information
  • Training and education

For other details, please see the complete plan here (in Chinese)