Beijing Releases Groundwater Protection Plan

by China Water Risk 12 September, 2013

12 September, Beijing released a city level Groundwater Protection and Pollution Prevention/Control Action Plan. Beijing relies on groundwater to support its economic development – over 60% of the total water supply comes from underground. Even after 2014, when the South-North Water Diversion Project will be in place, groundwater will still make up around 50% of Beijing’s water supply.

The plan specified following requirements:

  • There will be a detailed plan for groundwater resource protection and over exploitation of groundwater will be strictly forbidden. They will also conduct a census and evaluation at regular intervals to examine polluting sources.
  • To stop pollution from city sewage.
  • Clean up informal landfill for solid waste.
  • Manage pollution from industries by strengthening the monitoring of industrial waste water emissions with a focus on heavy metal polluted waste water.
  • Develop a soil contamination investigation in industrial areas.
  • Better prevention and control for water pollution in rural areas.
  • No new golf courses will get approval to be built.
  • Better management for abandoned wells.
  • Encourage the development of eco-friendly small watersheds.
  • Integration and optimization of monitoring systems for groundwater.

To better implement the plan, a coordination team was established with the deputy mayor as the team leader.

For details on the plan see here (Chinese only).

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