2016 No.1 Doc: New Development Concepts, Modern Agriculture & Well-off Society

by China Water Risk 28 January, 2016

28 January, 2016 – China’s top priorities for 2016 are implementing new concepts of development, to boost modern agriculture and ensuring a well-off society including the rural population, according to the No.1 Document.

This is the 13th consecutive year that the document has focused on rural issues. The document lists 30 points in six areas related to the “three rural issues” – agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

Modern agriculture is to go beyond efficiency and technology. Meanwhile, the government will continue to push on-going rural reform of pricing and subsidy mechanisms but with a new emphasis on developing agriculture insurance mechanisms and rural finance system innovations.

Food security remains the top priority of the central government. For the first time ever, the document encourages Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), “promote GMO with cautious on the basis of ensuring safety”.

There are five key words for the year: innovation, harmony, green, open and share.

In light of a China’s resource constraints, the central government is exploring solutions and new models through structure reform to “realize green development and sustainable utilization”.

Regarding water the Document again stresses stringent water resources management; “To implement the most stringent water management system to strengthen the management of water resources by holding the “Three Red Line” rigid constraints through dual-control action of water use volume and intensity. To strengthen groundwater monitoring and carry out comprehensive management in regions experiencing groundwater overexploitation. To implement the management of shoreline use of river and lakes.”

For the first time, the Document mentions the need for endangered wildlife conservation.

Read the full document here (Chinese only).