2015 No.1 Doc: Rural Reforms, Modern Agriculture & Food Security

by China Water Risk 1 February, 2015

1 February 2015, China’s top priorities for 2015 are rural reform, developing modern agriculture and maintaining agriculture as the foundation of the economy, according to the No. 1 Document.

The No.1 Document has traditionally focused on agriculture and this year is no exception with food security again listed as the top priority. The document highlights the designation of permanent farmland, high-quality farmland development, fertile soil conservation and improvement of farmland, innovation in agricultural investment and financing mechanisms, facilitating key water transfer projects and key water sources conservation projects and supporting small-medium-large-scale irrigation infrastructure.

This is also the 12th consecutive year that the document has focused on rural issues with the document saying, “Rural reform and development are confronted with a more complicated environment and an increasing number of difficulties and challenges, as the country is going through a period of transformation”.

The document lists  33 points in five areas related to the “three rural issues” – agriculture, rural areas and farmers:

  1. Accelerate agricultural modernization;
  2. Strengthen pro-farming and pro-farmer policies, in particular increasing farmer’s income;
  3. Push development of a new countryside through integrated urban-rural development;
  4. Deepen rural reforms to reinvigorate rural development; and
  5. Strengthen rule of law for rural issues.

The government will set-up a long-term mechanism for sustainable agriculture development and establish new agricultural management systems. To do this the government will increase its investment into the agriculture sector and the countryside. It will do this through increasing the effectiveness of agricultural subsidy policies, improving pricing mechanisms for farm produce and enhancing supporting services.

Read the full document here (Chinese only).