12th FYP: Energy-Saving & Environmental Protection Industry

by China Water Risk 16 June, 2012

Jun 16, 2012

Summary of water-related details in Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Industry in 12th FYP

  • Water resources consumption
    To increase water efficiency by promoting reuse of industrial, municipal wastewater and precipitation; use of water from mineral wells, new water technologies and use and recycling of sea water. To encourage the use of ultra-filtration, heat and coupling desalination, as well as the electricity-water cogeneration model.
  • Wastewater treatment
    To develop ultra-filtration, biological nitrogen removal, prevention and treatment of heavy metal water pollution, treatment techniques for organic, highly concentrated and badly degraded industrial wastewater; and to focus on biological treatments, mobile water treatment equipment and reservation techniques of water biosphere.  To promote energy-efficient aeration and desalination plants upgrades, treatments of pollution in suburbs and techniques of treating polluted soils.
  • Constructing sea water desalination plants
    To construct 2-3 international-standard sea water desalination bases by 2015 with the co-corporation of engineering design and equipment building corporations, research units, universities and related technology providers. Estimated outputs for these plants are 2.2-2.6m tonnes/day, with an estimated total asset values of RMB$50billion.

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