10 Years of CWR: Catalysing change & engaging around the world

by China Water Risk 26 October, 2021

27th October, 2021 – Today marks 10 years of CWR and what a decade it has been! We went from near zero appreciation of water risks with climate change skirting the fringes of finance and business to their mainstreaming. While we are pleased to see that our research and global engagements marked on the map below have helped build a more climate and water resilient world, there is still so much more to do to waterproof our future!

CWR is where it is today because of its team. So do check out current and ex-staff members’ experiences with CWR – why did they join CWR? What did they consider as their biggest achievements or memorable events? What are the key challenges in the climate space? Any advice for those who want to join this space? Check out each of their thoughts below.