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Dirty thirsty fashion to go circular

China produces up to 75% of key fashion raw materials and as still a major manufacturer, global fashion is exposed to China. As a dirty, thirsty & “old” industry, it is not surprising that textiles is one of the most targeted in China’s clean-up. The Water Ten, Circular Economy and other new stringent industry regulations are forging a clean and circular future. Already there have been widespread shutdowns, consolidations and other disruptions. Explore the Big Picture to see more on how China is revamping business and why the textile sector is being targeted.

To comply, Chinese textile manufactures are upgrading and going circular but with serious questions over cost structure and brands moving to other countries despite their goals now aligning with those of the Chinese manufacturers, could it be the end of fast fashion? Transitional risks are high with this business unusual future but so too are opportunities. Get on top of recent articles in The Latest.

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