WWF and DEG Launch Water Risk Filter

WWF and DEG launch the Water Risk Filter, an online water risk tool with data sheets and interactive maps of 235 countries to help businesses and investors address water-related risks.

The tool is free and it uniquely offers a practical, robust toolkit to help companies and investors mitigate risk. It is also incredibly easy to use. Geared specifically for non-experts, it guides users through a simple pre-assessment survey that uses industry and geographic information to determine in less than five minutes if additional evaluation is recommended.

We believe this is a timely tool given increasing investor and business focus on water risk arising from China’s water crisis. China Water Risk  is pleased to be named as one of the six knowledge resources:

  • CDP Water Disclosure Global Report 2011
  • China Water Risk
  • WWF- Investigating shared risk in water
  • Lloyd’s and WWF- World Water Scarcity
  • The Ceres Aqua Gauge
  • Water Footprint Network: Global Water Scarcity

Click here to go to the tool.

Debra Tan
Author: Debra Tan
Debra heads the CWR team and has steered the CWR brand from idea to a leader in the water risk conversation globally. Reports she has written for and with financial institutions analyzing the impact of water risks on the Power, Mining, Agricultural and Textiles industries have been considered groundbreaking and instrumental in understanding not just China’s but future global water challenges. One of these led the fashion industry to nominate CWR as a finalist for the Global Leadership Awards in Sustainable Apparel; another is helping to build consensus toward water risk valuation. Debra is a prolific speaker on water risk delivering keynotes, participating in panel discussions at water prize seminars, numerous investor & industry conferences as well as G2G and academic forums. Before venturing into “water”, she worked in finance, spending over a decade as a chartered accountant and investment banker specializing in M&A and strategic advisory. Debra left banking to pursue her interest in photography and also ran and organized philanthropic and luxury holidays for a small but global private members travel network She has lived and worked in Beijing, HK, KL, London, New York and Singapore and spends her spare time exploring glaciers in Asia.
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