World Resources Institute – Aqueduct

The revised Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas was developed by the WRI and the Aqueduct Alliance (Bloomberg, Dow, DuPont, GE, Goldman Sachs, John Deere, Shell, Skoll Global Threats Fund, Talisman Energy, United Technologies, Veolia Water and the Dutch and Swedish Governments).

The tool is a customisable global map, based on 12 indicators of physical, regulatory and reputational risk. Companies can use the tool to assess how water stress, flooding, access to water and drought can affect their operations. The map can also be tailored specifically for nine water-intense industry sectors: Agriculture; Food and Beverage; Chemicals; Electric Power; Semi Conductor; Oil and Gas; Mining; Construction Materials and Textiles.

The tool allows companies to plot the locations of their facilities, new markets and suppliers etc. and compare those locations to potential exposure to water risk including risks posed by seasonal variability.

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Mark Harper
Author: Mark Harper
Mark has worked for over a decade in the field of corporate sustainability and environmental engagement. At JS&S Hong Kong, Mark is responsible for managing the Group’s ESG disclosures as well as advising operating companies on their own ESG submissions. In addition to his work on reporting Mark is also responsible for assisting the Group on policy and strategy development. Mark has extensive experience of ESG disclosure standards such as GRI and the Hong Kong Exchange ESG Reporting Guide, as well as conducting sector focused benchmarking studies, corporate environmental management, as well as organizing hands-on corporate citizenship and CSR training programmes. Mark worked in a number of senior management roles before joining JS&S Hong Kong at high profile NGO’s including the Business Environment Council, where he was responsible for managing the organisations advisory services on ESG reporting and corporate sustainability strategy development. Mark was project manager of China Water Risk for 2013. Articles written under his tenure are those of China Water Risk.
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