Chemical Treatment of Cooling Water

The two objectives of proper cooling water system management are:

1. To extend the equipment life by avoiding corrosion or scaling of the metal surfaces in the cooling tower

2. To maintain efficient heat transfer for a proper use of the cooling tower.

In order to achieve these objectives, effective chemical management is needed:

– Using a chemical dosing system and adequate monitoring

– Keeping bacteria life under control using biocide (cooling towers are the main source of propagation of legionella causing legionellosis disease)

– Using suitable chemicals depending on the water quality (Ph, TDS, CaCo3..).

Scale formation can greatly affect heat transfer performance. One mm thick scale, for example, can add 7.5% to energy costs, while 1.5 mm adds 15% and 7 mm can increase cost by over 70%

Source: Corrosion Doctors and Water Treatment Books