Cap Capitalization
CDP Carbon Disclosure Project
CEC China Electricity Council
COD Chemical Oxygen Demand
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation
FDA US Food and Drug Administration
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HKEX Hong Kong Stock Exchange
IPE Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs
IPO Initial Public Offering
IRWR Internal Renewable Water Resources
JMP Joint Monitoring Programme on Water Supply and Sanitation
MOA Ministry of Agriculture
MEP Ministry of Environmental Protection
MLR Ministry of Land and Resources
MOFCOM Ministry of Commerce
MOH Ministry of Health
MWR Ministry of Water Resources
NaCSSeF National Council for Social Security Fund
NBSC National Bureau of Statistics of China
NEC National Energy Commission
NGO Non-Government Organisation
NDRC National Development and Reform Commission
NPC National People’s Congress
PBOC People’s Bank of China
PRI Principles for Responsible Investment
RMB Renminbi
SEC US Securities and Exchange Commission
SEPA State Environmental protection Administration
SFA State Forest Administration
SHA Shanghai Stock Exchange
SI Sustainable Investment
SOE State-Owned Enterprise
TRWR Total Renewable Water Resources
UN United Nations
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
UNEP United nations Environment Programme
UNEP-FI UNEP Finance Initiative
UNICEF United Nations Children Fund
USD US Dollar
WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development
WHO World Health Organisation
WRI World Resources Institute
WWAP World Water Assessment Programme
WWC World Water Council
WSSCC Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
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