Zhijiang Chen
Chen Zhiqiang graduated from South China University of Technology with a major in environmental engineering. He is currently the Principal of Environmental Culture Development in GreenCity Guangzhou, the Secretary-General of the National Nature Education Network, and a member of the Guangdong Environmental Protection Volunteer Service Lecturer, and a member of the Guangzhou Greenpoint Public Welfare Environmental Promotion Association. Executive director of Guangdong Environmental Education Promotion Association. Starting from the university period, he worked as the former Hong Kong Friends of the Earth (FOE) mainland project manager responsible for the implementation of the cross-border project “Dongjiang River Partner Program”, focusing on promoting cross-border upstream and downstream interactions, the former IUCN Senior project officer in South China responsible for the implementation of the project “Vibrant Dongjiang, Charming Xunwu”, mainly in the areas of water source protection, rural community development and upstream and downstream interaction in the basin. Years of work, he won the Ford Motor Environmental Award, the National Protection Mother River Award, and the China Water Environmental Public Welfare Person Award. He was a member of the first Guangzhou Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Public Consultation Committee and a consultant to the Hong Kong University “Smart Plan” Dongjiang Cross-border Water Treatment Project. Because he loves nature, he has been engaged in ecological protection for many years. His footprints are all over the country, and he has mastered rich natural ecological knowledge and first-line work experience.