Our Challenge & Focus

“Avoiding a real liquidity crunch, one that could impact billions of lives and cost trillions of dollars is one of our greatest challenges in the 21st century.”

Asia has limited water resources, yet water is the only resource we cannot survive without. We must create a new paradigm of ‘business unusual’ in Asia if we are to ensure the continent’s water security. Asian leaders, businesses, financiers, entrepreneurs & scientists have the opportunity to pave the way in making decisions today for water tomorrow.

Rise to the challenge and join us in “waterproofing” Asia.


Finding a national roadmap to more GDP on less water & less pollution by wedding economic planning to water resource management


Building consensus toward water risk valuation in credit/equity portfolios & financial decision-making to drive capital flow to responsible users


Regulating for a future with water will disrupt multiple sectors & global trade to forge an era of business unusual & circular economy

What We Do

“We cannot solve what we don’t understand”

CWR aims to catalyse a better understanding of the complex web of water risks to unlock innovations. We strive to be the “go-to” resource on water risks and collaborate with experts, research & scientific institutes as well as IGOs and NGOs to bring you the latest views on water & climate risks in the region.

In addition to proprietary research in our focus areas, we also co-publish policy briefs with government-related bodies in China and beyond. We engage extensively with the business and investment communities and reports we have written for financial institutions have been considered ground-breaking in the understanding of water risks across sectors we cover.


Commissioned Reports

Collaborate in thought leadership from finance, policy to tech for a water secure Asia


Expert Collaboration

Join our network of close to 300 expert contributors and access our subscribers


Panels & Talks

Request keynotes, panels, talks & roundtables or co-host seminars, forums & events


Strategic Insights

Understand future business risks in a changing waterscape – physical, regulatory & reputational


Risk Assessments

Get on top of systemic water risk exposure in your loan book or asset portfolios


Investor Engagement

Access intel in one-on-ones or roadshows on the impact on water risk across key sectors

The Latest

Latest Analysis & Opinions

22 November, 2021
CWR's Ronald Leung share how hypocrisies from failing on delivering promises to delivering climate finance by developed countries means Asia needs to step up on the race to resilience
22 November, 2021
Find out what COP26 means for water security with CWR's Debra Tan as she reflects on frank conversations had by ministers & water leaders at a high-level water security forum on the eve of COP26 in Glasgow
22 November, 2021
If we are not careful, we could change weather as we know it - what are these tipping points? How high will seas rise? What will happen to mountain glaciers? See our review of the report State of Cryosphere 2021 for answers
22 November, 2021
Featuring over 70 coastal threat adaptation solutions across the world, the Map of Solutions is a useful guide for cities to build resilience. Hear from their Théophile Bongarts on what they want to achieve and plans forward
22 November, 2021
Dr Jaap de Heer, Dr Ellen Minkman & Jos van Alphen share how the two delta cities have adopted a long-term & risk-based water governance framework to deal with long term uncertainties
22 November, 2021
ADMCF's CEO Sophie le Clue tells a cautionary tale on the future of fisheries in the East & South China Seas on how a warming ocean & overfishing will cause massive economic loss;

We Recommend

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CWR’s Debra Tan says it’s time to be FOMO about our rising seas. From emission accelerants to accelerated...
24 November, 2020
Last month, we sat down with Dr Nicole S. Khan, an Assistant Professor from the University of Hong Kong to talk about the scientific...
24 September, 2021
23rd September, 2021 - CWR releases two new factsheets highlighting impacts on Hong Kong from coastal threats based on the latest IPCC AR6 worst-case...
China Water Risk, 2020
China Water Risk releases a new report titled Waterproofing APAC to Avoid Atlantis – Executive Summary & Next Steps...

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