#CWR Team

Dharisha Mirando

Water Risk Valuation

Dharisha is responsible for CWR’s work related to enabling the financial industry to fully integrate water risk into the investment process thereby waterproofing portfolios. She hails from the finance industry and has joined CWR as she believes that despite being significant investment risks, climate and water factors are downplayed in the decision-making process. Not only are there various types of water risk (scarcity, pollution, floods, regulatory) resulting in multiple valuation methods, water is also a locational risk, which lends complexity to its valuation. Dharisha hopes to help build consensus, bridge the gap between finance and science, and engage with investors to incorporate these risks. This could also lead to innovative Green Finance instruments becoming more prevalent.

Prior to joining CWR, Dharisha worked for a long-only public equities fund with a focus on sustainability. In addition to fundamental bottom-up analysis of companies, she led sustainability research and managed long term engagement strategies with a handful of firms. She has also worked in the impact investment space in London and Singapore where she provided technical assistance to social enterprises, helped them raise equity investments, and managed a debt portfolio. Dharisha has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Masters in Development Studies.

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