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HK Water Forum 2018

22 March, 2018

Theme: Sponge City and Coastal Defence Against Extreme Weather Events

There is a growing international recognition of the threats resulting from climate change. Cities with rapid urbanisation and growing population have to cope with increasing flood risk. These issues will be the main focus of the ‘Water Forum 2018: Sponge City and Coastal Defence Against Extreme Weather Events’ on 22 March, World Water Day.

Friends of the Earth (HK) is co-hosting this forum with the Hong Kong Drainage Services Department. Experts from the Netherlands and Mainland China and stakeholders including government representatives and local practitioners will share insight and exchange views on how the Greater Bay Area can become climate ready.

Hong Kong was lucky enough to escape from the aforesaid typhoon Hato, according to the former director of Hong Kong Observatory, Mr. Lam Chiu-ying. Not too many of us heard that Hong Kong lost more than 10 thousand lives of citizens during two cyclones in 1906 and 1937 respectively. Typhoon Mary was familiar to those senior citizens, which affected over 15,000 people in June 1960. Typhoon Hato, even though no personal casualty caused, resulted in sea water flowing into a car park basement and caused loss of properties of millions of Hong Kong dollars. Are we prepared for the coming risks along our coastline areas and these low lying ones?

Hong Kong has a relatively long coastline of 733 km and there are some low-lying districts prone to threats of flooding and sea-level rise. We all in society, government, business, NGO, and each individual, need to be fully aware of the threats of extreme weather events and work together toward a more climate resilient society.

Hong Kong SAR Government has outlined its long-term city planning vision in its Master Plan 2030+. There are only a few high level elaboration of “Low Impact Development” (LID) concept, flood control and storm water management. Should Hong Kong’s Master Plan 2030+ be more climate responsive? How? What?

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