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2019 TEDx HKBU – Think. Think? Think!

23 March, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Thinking is something we do everyday – we think about what to eat, what to wear and many other details and questions. However, what is “thinking”, on the conscious and unconscious level, and are we actually thinking enough?

Our thinking starts with an idea. The idea can be formed from a small inspiration of our own, or with influence from the news or our social connections. We may then question the idea with a question mark in mind, taking the initiative to challenge existing thoughts, pondering on the feasibility of that minor spark in our mind, and eventually we may end up at the last stage in our theme, to “think!” with determination about putting an idea into action that makes a difference.

In this year’s TEDx talk, HKBU would like to invite their audience to go through the process of rethinking “thinking”, and question the sufficiency of one’s thinking.


Woody from CWR will be speaking at this event: given the urgency of climate change, he hopes to help students at the Baptist University navigate looming climate and water blindspots, inspire them to become part of the solution, and guide them to new careers in a new climate future.


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