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2014 World Water Week – Energy & Water

31 August, 2014 - 5 September, 2014

The 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm : “Energy and Water”

CWR Speaks at Stockholm World Water Week

China Water Risk delivered keynotes at two events at Stockholm





Stockholm Water Prize Seminar: The Power of Water

Global water demand as well as variability is rising. The right amount of good quality water at the right time is a simple wish – and an increasingly tricky task. Around 90 per cent of the worst disasters over the last century were caused by hydro-meteorological events and the global thirst for water is set to grow by 55 per cent to 2050. To build more resilient societies we need infrastructure, both grey and green, to protect us from the vagaries of the weather and low-carbon energy to move and treat water. At the same time, water is an increasingly important input in energy production and the net benefits of dams are being questioned. How shall the world balance these forces? How can we harness the power of water?

The Stockholm Water Prize seminar brings together Laureates and influential scientists and practitioners in a session that explores the opportunities and challenges for a water and energy secure world.

  • Date: 4 September, 2014
  • Time: 08:45 – 12:00

To watch the entire seminar, click here.


“Water Linkages to Coal Fired Energy Production: Shaping the Water and Energy Future”

Other co-convenors: Asian Development Bank, The World Resources Institute, HSBC and the Federal Institute for Geosciences & Natural Resources of Germany (BGR)

SWWW Coal Seminar Co-convenors

Seminar overview: Energy production is globally the second largest water user with a share of fifteen percent which is a constraint for global energy development. Coal continues to be the dominant energy source with coal resources contributing about 30% to the world’s energy consumption.

On the other hand coal mining has a large impact on the local water resources. China accounts for over half of the global coal consumption and has forty percent of the global proposed coal-fired power plants generation capacity. Coal energy production is one of the largest water user and polluter, while water resources are extremely limited in China.

Even more dependent on coal resources is South Africa, the biggest coal producer in Africa, with a share of 77% of its total energy production. Coal mining activities put an enormous pressure on groundwater quality and quantity. One of the major problems in open pit mining is Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). Without a sound environmental management in the planning and operation of these mining operations, they cause severe environmental pollution. The avoidance of environmental damages would not only protect water resources but also save large costs for rehabilitation.

The seminar will conclude with panel discussion.

  • Date: 3 September, 2014
  • Time: 14:00-17:30

To watch the entire seminar, click here.


31 August, 2014
5 September, 2014
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